Our Products

Our medical products perform highly sophisticated web searches for relevant results and improved care delivery.


IMO 2.0 ETP is an enterprise platform that hosts IMO’s dictionaries and services to meet your terminology needs.

IMO Anywhere

Make mobile documentation fast, easy, and clinically accurate at the point of care anywhere.

Periop IT

Simplify your surgical procedure dictionary.

Problem IT

IMO Problem IT Terminology is a clinical diagnosis and problem list vocabulary containing specialized terms for clinicians, coders, and patients.

Problem IT Plus

Problem IT Plus is an IMO-designed solution that integrates the patient’s existing history, IMO’s Intelligent Problem List, and IMO terminology for a best-practice user experience for problem and diagnosis management.

Procedure IT

Procedure IT is a clinician and workflow-friendly medical terminology solution that selects the best billing or reference code for procedure terminology.  

Surg IT

IMO Surg IT is a library of surgical scheduling procedures updated and maintained by IMO clinicians and attributed to industry standard coding systems. The use of Surg IT helps ensure proper searching, scheduling, communicating, and preauthorization that can save your organization time and dramatically improve Medicare reimbursement.

IMO Precision Sets

Powers precise care that unlocks new value