Harness the power of IMO value sets

Manage the challenges of value-based care

What are Value Sets?

EHRs and other Health Information Technology (HIT) applications have functionality to support population health, clinical decision support (CDS), and quality reporting, which are foundational to any value-based care effort.

Leverage IMO’s expertise as the leading provider of medical terminology content and services to enhance these applications.

Integrating IMO FoundationSets into HIT systems provides a way to group codes from varied medical terminologies, thus strengthening the accuracy with at-risk populations are identified, CDS rules are triggered, and quality measures are reported.

Obtain the Value of IMO FoundationSets

Significantly Reduce Maintenance Costs

  • The standardized content created by expert IMO terminologists and clinicians frees highly valuable clinical and IT resources from the burden of having to create, vet, and maintain precision sets
  • IMO Terminology content adheres to changes in terminology, government regulations and clinical guidelines to maintain a current and up-to-date value sets library

Reduce False-Positive and False-Negative Results

  • IMO curates high-quality precision set content, giving a greater level of confidence in cohort generation, decision support, and other group-reliant use cases

Robust and Standardized Content Offering

IMO FoundationSets offer content, tools, and services that address the most pressing needs in today’s health care environment.  IMO is consistently adding content to the existing library

Available Library Categories

  • Population Health/Analytics
  • Cancer Staging
  • Cancer Survivorship Care Plans
  • CMS eCQM value sets
  • HL7 C-CDA value sets

Can’t find what you need in the library?  IMO can also help expand the library by building value sets that meet your needs.

Access High-Quality, Standardized, and Clinically Curated Value Sets

IMO FoundationSets is a comprehensive solution to source, author, and integrate value sets into a variety of HIT platforms.

  • Gain access to an up-to-date library of IMO-crafted and third-party precision sets
  • Utilize the Content Management System to browse and review precision sets content
  • Seamless integration of precision sets into an HIT system so that they can be quickly used in healthcare workflows
  • A zero-maintenance solution to support critical initiatives population health, clinical decision support, quality measures and interoperability

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